HUUMO for Life Crushed Blog

For the twentieth mix in the series, we’ve linked up with HUUMO (@huumo) – the multidisciplinary artist who’s music is distorted, rhythmic, naked, and unpredictable. This description can be aptly applied to the mix they’ve brought us.

His expressions have taken form through video, photo installations, sculpture, and sound – currently manifesting through scoring theater productions and stage performances. HUUMO is affiliated with the cassette label and booking agency, Frm-At (@frmat), as well as the Stockholm-based art collective Ulvsunda Bastusällskap (@ulvsundabastusallskap). UBS houses various artists and creators, and are notorious for their sauna parties. Try to fill in the blanks.

As always, a sincere thank you to the artist. Please enjoy LCM020.

FRM-AT’s podcast for ATTN:MAGAZINE (Resonance / Resonance Extra)

Capture d’écran 2017-09-24 à 17.34.38.png

  1. Tom Hang – Theme for B (from upcoming album To Be Held In A Non Position out October 2017 on Tidy Bedroom)
  2. Hammer of Hathor – Ack, Ack, Ack (from Corpse Pose out on FRM-AT in may 2017)
  3. Nick Kuepfer – Churner (from Phonotaxis released in 2013)
  4. Andreas Brandal + Continental Fruit – Super Existence (from upcoming album to be released on FRM-AT in September 2017)
  5. Wicked Crafts – I Hope You Croak feat. VOID (from upcoming album (Self) Hatred Is Our Common Denominator to be released on FRM-AT in September 2017)
  6. African Ghost Valley – Ara (from ARA out on Hylé Tapes in September 2015)
  7. Huumo – I Could See Myself Too (unreleased)
  8. Best Available Technology – Session 10670 (from Exposure Therapy out on Styles Upon Styles in June 2017)
  9. Gaël Segalen – Hall of The First Steps (from Memoir of My Manor out on FRM-AT in June 2017)
  10. Morkebla – Submerged Dunes (from A Field of Secondary Craters out on czaszka in October 2016)
  11. Holy Similaun – Apt-get (from Split EP with Weightausend out on Prehistoric Silence in April 2017)
  12. Phoene – Farrokh Bulsara (coming soon)

Listen to Morkebla’s contribution to ‘Grey Matter Archives’ mix series!

GMA06 – Morkebla
1. Bellows – Untitled
2. Loke Rahbek – Like A Still Pool
3. U – Globe Gallery
4. CVN – L For True Arms v2
5. Kareem Lotfy – Fr3sh
6. Patricia – Étant Donnés
7. N1L – Jaget Och Maskerna
8. Kyo – Azzurra
9. Giovanni Lami – 2
10. Bellows – Untitled
11. Lanark Artefax – Voices Near The Hypocentre