Holy Similaun for Renick Bell on Lanark Artefax’s show (Radar Radio)

Renick Bell played some cool tunes on Lanark Artefax‘s show hosted by Radar Radio featuring a song from Holy Similaun’s next LP.


T.R. Mahalingam – Suki Evaro (Renick Bell edit)
Miri Kat – Theft
Nkisi – Can You See Me
Sim Hutchins – Nihilism Was Not Sustainable (Drum Mix)
Tans – Gonnna Get Late Tonight
Sarah Hammond – Twttrngs
ISSHU – Parallel Lives
Ak. – Song for Pleiades
Jemapur – 787_2
Metome – Exotic (Renick Bell remix)
Vern & Milla – STPUT2IT
Weightausend – Rack
Heith – Maria
Mang – Dante
Kindohm – E-code
Mang & Wa?ste – XLW
Dagobert Sondervan – Horizon
Renick Bell – Fractal Beats, 140, 171015a
Algobabez – Dismantle Yourself (live excerpt)
Avbvrn – Cartridge #25 (Avbvrn Remix)
Crown Shyness – Stormborn
Jentileany – IWD
Cxlo – Spores
K∑ITO – (untitled)
Renick Bell – Fractal 808s, 170606
Mhysa – Strobe (N1L Remix)
Oxhy – The Coming Elation
Dane Law – All That I Won’t Name Again
Ang3l_sp1der – Incremental Past Ear Stream Scaffolding
Calum Gunn – Longevity
Gran – FMS
JJAKUB – Women Who Run With Wolves (Yoshitaka Hikawa Remix)
Renick Bell – Beats for Traditional Dancing at 180, 171011d1
Holy Similaun – (untitled)
City – SAR
Jono Mi Lo – 20170614-2254
DJ NinOo – Firma do Txiga
William J. Mullaly – The Green Groves of Erin (Renick Bell edit)

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