Imagine burrowing through the craggy reliefs of mist-shrouded hills expanding their green-clad mantles beyond the stretches one consciousness can hold, trekking far and deep into the humid forest as a deep breath of organic and synthetic layers begins to rise from the silent canopy. The damp foliage drips and your soles skid upon the steep rock faces of the mountain that overlooks the leafy plateau you’re looking to extract from, filling your lungs with the fresh air of the altitudes.

This is where African Ghost Valley‘s ‘Colony‘ decided to set up its camp, in between stony south-facing slopes and sun-starved cavities, all enfogged in a thick haze of black magic ambiences and weatherbeaten sonics. Bold and ambitious, the duo formed by Childe Grangier and Gabriel Ghebrezghi goes unparalleled when it comes to carving out harsh, immersive drones and battered ambient scapes, as further asserted by their new record for Natural Sciences.

READ FULL INTERVIEW and stream the mini-LP’s opener ‘North‘ and take a moment to read through in-depth chat with the pair down below. :



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