African Ghost Valley interviewed by ATTN:Magazine

I am overwhelmed by African Ghost Valley. Their improvisation is like a light shined directly into my eyes – a deluge of present tense, as if trying to salvage as much of the NOW as possible before it perishes into the past. Their releases come thick and fast – at the time of writing, there are already four records in 2018 that bear their name – and each is a jagged mash of sampling and effects, with chimes collapsed into delays, synthesisers and voices crushed under distortion, drones navigating a maze of broken wires.

Their latest record is Colony on Natural Sciences. I’m delighted to be able to premiere the track “Barre” on ATTN, which hopefully gives you a taste of the duo’s effect-drenched flow state. Below, AGV and I discuss landing a spaceship, hiding under the covers and finding freedom in the Black Bunker.



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