FRM-AT007 / 008 / 009

After a long hiatus of almost one year, FRM-AT returns with three joint releases available to pre-order now. Originally from Yorkshire, Helsinki-based Big Dog Rivers (Tyla Haigh), Australian Furchick (Claire Pannell) and Londoner Beachers (Daryl Worthington).
Beachers is the electronic music project of London-based Daryl Worthington. He is interested in working with the intersections between accidental and composed sounds, hi and lo-fi audio, and the beauty of the mundane. He has released music on J&C Tapes, Czaszka Records and Illuminated Paths.

‘Language Shapes the View’ opens with dronish ‘Sapir Whorf’, austere and soothing in its own way, while ‘Screaming Into The Echo Chamber’ is built on a repetition of throbs, quivering background noise and chords elevating slowly, reminiscent of Basic Channel’s claustrophobic dub techno. ‘Direct The Meaning’ is a worrisome juxtaposition of pitched vocal samples, arbitrarily displaced, followed by ‘What You Did’ and its haunting atmosphere, punctuated by subtle and progressive cymbals, and a stern piano. ‘Language Kills The Sentiment’ is a strongly monotonous eight minute long track, leaving room for the conclusive track ‘Language Shapes The View’ to express a slightly richer yet minimal composition, similarly anchored in a dub techno palette of ethereal sounds.

Furchick51CassetteCover 1


Furchick aka Claire Pannell is an Australian experimental sound maker working at the crossover between art, science, technology and education.
Prolific, Pannell has an extensive catalogue of music making dating back to 1987. She creates her sounds using field recordings and live looping instrumentations, incorporating a DIY and punk attitude into her creations, while focusing on polyrhythms and vocals.

She often takes sounds from the natural vibrations created by everyday objects, using foley techniques, and at other times works with more traditional instruments.

Prior to performing solo, Claire used to play in bands including local bands Brown and Sexy Band. In New Zealand, she played in numerous bands that can be found on Yellow Bike Records. In New York, she played drums in Air Traffic Controllers with Gerard Cosloy, and jam bands with members of the experimental music underground scene.

She also runs international net label Dog Park Records.

“things happen when you least expect them” was created using looped layers of toy keyboard drum sounds, and vocals with a range of effects pedals. “pretty cricket” is based on layers of recordings of crickets from the back garden, slowed to create a range of polyrhythmic loops and vocals. “homes west housing” was recorded in one furious take using a guitar one furious night to drown out constantly argumentative neighbours at Flat Number 16.



T Dawg Nation is the new EP from Big Dog Rivers, the solo project of Yorkshire born Helsinki resident Tyla Haigh.
For his FRM-AT debut, and first physical release, Big Dog Rivers is launching the project into the world of electronic pop music. The lo-fi grainy sunshine haze of earlier releases Them Oh’s and Dreamroller remains, but concise structures and focused melodies have replaced the meandering jams.

“The tracks are reworks of previous songs and demos. So, I feel T Dawg Nation is like the alter ego of Big Dog Rivers. Turning the guitar driven slacker rock into electronic dream pop.”

The result is a 4 track EP that comes across like peak 4AD dream pop riddled with the anxieties of twenty-first century living. A hallucinogenic mashing together of stumbling beats, effects drenched vocals blasted through blown out speakers.

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