Best Available Technology

LABELS : Styles Upon Styles, Astro:Dynamics, Further Records



Best Available Technology – often abbreviated to BAT – is the Portland-based Kevin Palmer, a producer who has been playing his trade since the ’90s, although he has only reached wider recognition in the past six months. His outputs for Opal Tapes and Astro:Dynamics have sat well with recent appetites for punkish, half-broken dancefloor approximations. In fact, BAT’s are among the finest of their kind, often falling somewhere between the foggy sonics of Basic Channel and a particularly claustrophobic form of dub-noise.

His most recent LP, « Exposure Therapy » was released in june 2017 on NY-based imprint Styles Upon Styles – his first vinyl release ever, reviewed by Neil Kulkarni in issue 401 of The Wire.

About the record, Kulkarni says, “Those expecting boom-bap beats and retrograde wish fulfilment will be startled by what the album actually presents – eight tracks, all seemingly utterly unconcerned with danceability or headnodding, each one a gaseous frightmare/flashback to 1990s hiphop production rather than a mere facsimile. If there is boom-bap here, it’s filtered through stern electronics, dubbed out peripheries, dried to the point of scattered desiccation – less East Coast or West Coast, more Antarctic.”

As a footnote to this mix, Palmer wrote, “My goal was to record something reverent, agitated and free, something that didn’t neuter the original sonics/voices while at the same time allowing me to manipulate them and let them live alongside my own sounds in my music machines for a short improvised one track one take session.”