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Promoting dance and non-dance music, holistic experiences, isolation, field recordings, definitely noise again.

LABELS : Hylé Tapes, Natural Sciences, Jungle Gym Records, Lost Angles, Never Anything


Experimental electronic duo African Ghost Valley bring spacious and eerie atmospheres together to create trance inducing electronic noise vibrations, with heavy, loud and floating soundscapes created through recordings of hardware devices, concrete sounds and field recordings.


LABELS : Styles Upon Styles, Astro:Dynamics, Further Records


Best Available Technology – often abbreviated to BAT – is the Portland-based Kevin Palmer, a producer who has been playing his trade since the ’90s, although he has only reached wider recognition in the past six months. His outputs for Opal Tapes and Astro:Dynamics have sat well with recent appetites for punkish, half-broken dancefloor approximations. In fact, BAT’s are among the finest of their kind, often falling somewhere between the foggy sonics of Basic Channel and a particularly claustrophobic form of dub-noise.

His most recent LP, « Exposure Therapy » was released in june 2017 on NY-based imprint Styles Upon Styles – his first vinyl release ever, reviewed by Neil Kulkarni in issue 401 of The Wire.

About the record, Kulkarni says, “Those expecting boom-bap beats and retrograde wish fulfilment will be startled by what the album actually presents – eight tracks, all seemingly utterly unconcerned with danceability or headnodding, each one a gaseous frightmare/flashback to 1990s hiphop production rather than a mere facsimile. If there is boom-bap here, it’s filtered through stern electronics, dubbed out peripheries, dried to the point of scattered desiccation – less East Coast or West Coast, more Antarctic.”

As a footnote to this mix, Palmer wrote, “My goal was to record something reverent, agitated and free, something that didn’t neuter the original sonics/voices while at the same time allowing me to manipulate them and let them live alongside my own sounds in my music machines for a short improvised one track one take session.”


LABELS : Erratum, FRM-AT, Firecracker Recordings, IhearU

Gaël Segalen by Isabelle Rabaud_couleur

French sound artist Gaël Segalen aka IhearU has been an activist and musician for twenty years, with a very diverse background in sound and education.
Her process is focused on polylistening, dissonance and new music, allowing people to encounter in improvisation spaces. She believes all the noises she has collected or manipulated can coexist in one inclusive spirit, here and now, and manages to transpose the complexity of the world into electroacoustic and polyrhythmic soundscapes, bruitism and ‘DFR’ (Danceable Field Recording) compositions.


LABELS : Enklav, Prehistoric Silence, REST NOW!

Holy Similaun Press.jpg

Holy Similaun is the project of Alberto Bertelli, also founder of the label Prehistoric Silence.


LABELS : Czaszka, Baroc, Farbwechsel, Where To Now?
TERRITORIES : EU / UK (excl. Italy)

Morkebla Press 2 by Stefano Majno

On his new EP, the scopious ‘A Field Of Secondary Craters‘, Rosso’s brittle melodies and fine textural arrangements evoke soothing visions of uncharted panoramas and organic plenitude, afar from the frenzy of overpopulated metropolises and concrete-coated vistas. Inverted Audio premiered ‘Snow Canvas‘, a supple blend of ambient and electronica which transports its listener to frosty highlands, in the heart of white, pristine mantles of sound. An opulent and haunting slab of audio minimalism.



LABELS : Tidy Bedroom, Where To Now?


Having spent seven years in his adopted home of London steadily crafting a hazy, ambiguous identity that fuses ambient onto drone and techno, Tom Hang (aka Lobster Theremin boss Jimmy Asquith) finally steps up the the plate with ‘To Be Held In A Non Position’ – a collection of one-takes that explores extended themes of isolation, loneliness, personal loss, disconnection and reconnection with the reality and (self)-identity.

Previous releases of archive material were spread via London experimental powerhouse Where To Now?, with an effusive live cassette « Tidy Bedroom Versions 2009-2013 » released in february 2015.

The cassette tape was later followed by « The New World », an organic and textural techno EP released on vinyl in september 2016, again on Where To Now?.

Through his imprint Tidy Bedroom, Tom Hang engages in a more introspective path, exploring sonic territories that find an echo with dislocated past experiences, pushing physical and psychic boundaries to get at the crux of intimacy.

As a live experience, Tom Hang takes a simple setup to the subtle extremes. Both rhythmic and ill-defined ambient meld into walls of textures that wafts like an aural sheet, pierced by frames of noise and chuntered, swirling artefacts.