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Writing intimacy into music geography. Listening to bruits and murmurs, noise and the chant of the non-vocal.

FRM-AT001 : HAMMER OF HATHOR ‘Corpse Pose’
ALBUM C40 black chrome type II cassette

Released 15 may 2017

Hammer of Hathor are Mark E. Kaylor and Heather Vergotis. The two sonic experimentalists have been involved in a number of obscure and abstract acts such as CexFucx, Thee Oregon Artificial Limb Co.


FRM-AT002 : GAËL SEGALEN ‘Memoir of My Manor’
ALBUM C50 black chrome type II cassette
released 30 june 2017

French sound artist Gaël Segalen aka IhearU has been an activist and musician for twenty years, with a very diverse background in sound and education.
Her process is focused on polylistening, dissonance and new music, allowing people to encounter in improvisation spaces. She believes all the noises she has collected or manipulated can coexist in one inclusive spirit, here and now, and manages to transpose the complexity of the world into electroacoustic and polyrhythmic soundscapes, bruitism and ‘DFR’ (Danceable Field Recording) compositions.

Gaël Segalen’s latest full length out on newly founded cassette label F:rmat is entitled ‘Memoir of My Manor’. It’s a Kafkaesque soundtrack into your subconsciousness, waking up inside a childhood nightmare filled with a creeping sense of foreboding. Segalen plunges the listener deep into uncharted visceral terrain, transfixed by its mechanical brutality and natural decay. Track 7 ‘Cardinal Flows’ is beautifully ripe pickings for the most adventurous festival DJ’s and other 4 in the morning warehouse selectors paving the way for their dancers…


ALBUM C50 chrome type II cassette
released 25 september 2017

The Brandal/Fruit story starts in a norwegian fjord in 1992 where they met on several occations more or less by accident. Suddenly they found a musical and later friendly connection. Brandal illustrated the cover for Fruits first cassette and that was the start of their work together. A couple of years later Fruit moved from Bergen to Oslo. Brandal moved into Fruits appartment just to find that despite their geographical challenge they met up from time to time and made music, sent lyrics, shared wild ideas, visited each other, went to concerts and such. The first full-length collaboration happened 25 years after their first meeting up in that fjord and the result is to find on this limited cassette-release on FRM-AT. Enjoy!


FRM-AT004 : CHAINES ‘Survival Horror’
ALBUM C20 chrome type II cassette
released 6 november 2017

Previously released march 2017 on Soundcloud for friends and others appreciation. We found this little gem and wanted to release it as a tape to share it with more friends and more ‘others’ :

‘Cutting floor tidbits, other tracks’ past lives, leftovers, Z-sides, incomplete bits and pieces I may or may not come back to.

A glimpse into the mess of my iTunes library and the margins of my Ableton/Logic projects’. CHAINES