FRM-AT004 Chaines ‘Survival Horror’

FRM-AT004 : CHAINES ‘Survival Horror’
MINI-ALBUM C20 type II chrome cassette
Released 6 november 2017


Previously released march 2017 on Soundcloud for friends and others appreciation. We found this little gem and wanted to release it as a tape to share it with more friends and more ‘others’ :

‘Cutting floor tidbits, other tracks’ past lives, leftovers, Z-sides, incomplete bits and pieces I may or may not come back to.

A glimpse into the mess of my iTunes library and the margins of my Ableton/Logic projects’. CHAINES


Chaines (Caroline Haines) is a musician based in Manchester, UK, who writes rather peculiar electronica and electro-acoustic music. More recently, they have had their music toured by producer and cellist Oliver Coates (PRAH Recordings) across Europe and America, and large scale electro-acoustic premières given by the London Contemporary Orchestra and organist James McVinnie (Bedroom Community) in venues such as The Roundhouse and The Royal Albert Hall. They have been in residency with SAY award winner Anna Meredith and Grammy Award winner Imogen Heap, improvising, performing and producing audio and video.

Chaines has had their music broadcast on BBC Radio a number of times, including a live performance at Manchester’s Islington Mill on BBC Radio 3’s Exposure, and on Laura Barton’s ‘Notes From a Musical Island’ (BBC Radio 4), featured in The Guardian. CHAINES’ third record and first full length album ‘The King’ is due to be released later on this year. They graduated The Royal Northern College of Music in 2013 with a 1st class honours in Composition and Contemporary Music.