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LABELS : Czaszka, Baroc, Farbwechsel, Reckno, Where To Now?
TERRITORIES : EU / UK (excl. Italy)

/ SOCIAL / https://www.facebook.com/Morkebla
/ MUSIC / https://reckno.bandcamp.com/album/morkebla-pisces-sun-capricorn-rising
/ MIXES / https://soundcloud.com/greymatterarchives

Morkebla Press 2 by Stefano Majno

On his new EP, the scopious ‘A Field Of Secondary Craters‘, Rosso’s brittle melodies and fine textural arrangements evoke soothing visions of uncharted panoramas and organic plenitude, afar from the frenzy of overpopulated metropolises and concrete-coated vistas. Inverted Audio premiered ‘Snow Canvas‘, a supple blend of ambient and electronica which transports its listener to frosty highlands, in the heart of white, pristine mantles of sound. An opulent and haunting slab of audio minimalism.
Listen to the full EP here released on october 21st by Edinburgh-based cassette label czaszka : https://czaszka.bandcamp.com/album/a-field-of-secondary-craters