Holy Similaun for Renick Bell on Lanark Artefax’s show (Radar Radio)

Renick Bell played some cool tunes on Lanark Artefax‘s show hosted by Radar Radio featuring a song from Holy Similaun’s next LP.


T.R. Mahalingam – Suki Evaro (Renick Bell edit)
Miri Kat – Theft
Nkisi – Can You See Me
Sim Hutchins – Nihilism Was Not Sustainable (Drum Mix)
Tans – Gonnna Get Late Tonight
Sarah Hammond – Twttrngs
ISSHU – Parallel Lives
Ak. – Song for Pleiades
Jemapur – 787_2
Metome – Exotic (Renick Bell remix)
Vern & Milla – STPUT2IT
Weightausend – Rack
Heith – Maria
Mang – Dante
Kindohm – E-code
Mang & Wa?ste – XLW
Dagobert Sondervan – Horizon
Renick Bell – Fractal Beats, 140, 171015a
Algobabez – Dismantle Yourself (live excerpt)
Avbvrn – Cartridge #25 (Avbvrn Remix)
Crown Shyness – Stormborn
Jentileany – IWD
Cxlo – Spores
K∑ITO – (untitled)
Renick Bell – Fractal 808s, 170606
Mhysa – Strobe (N1L Remix)
Oxhy – The Coming Elation
Dane Law – All That I Won’t Name Again
Ang3l_sp1der – Incremental Past Ear Stream Scaffolding
Calum Gunn – Longevity
Gran – FMS
JJAKUB – Women Who Run With Wolves (Yoshitaka Hikawa Remix)
Renick Bell – Beats for Traditional Dancing at 180, 171011d1
Holy Similaun – (untitled)
City – SAR
Jono Mi Lo – 20170614-2254
DJ NinOo – Firma do Txiga
William J. Mullaly – The Green Groves of Erin (Renick Bell edit)

Gaël Segalen for RADIOPHRENIA Glasgow


Radioart106fm #71: Gaël Segalen

11th November 2017 @ 8:00 pm9:00 pm

programme/artist information

This is a selection of seven shows from ‘radioart106fm’ compiled for radiophrenia 2017. It contains the creations of female Radio and Sound artists.

French sound artist, activist and musician Gaël Segalen aka IhearU has a very diverse experience in sound and is focused on polylistening, dissonance and new music, as well as to create people’s encounters in improvisation spaces. She believes all the noises she has collected or manipulated, can coexist in one inclusive spirit, here and now, and transposes the complexity of the world into electroacoustic and polyrhythmic soundscapes, bruitisme and DFR (Danceable Field Recording) compositions. The reconciliation of all the noises she has collected from her travels is manipulated in the studio, in one inclusive spirit, here and now.

Creations : 
Différé / Delayed (2005)
 Nowhere Close – excerpt (2011)


Produced and presented by Meira Asher, The program’s host station KolHaCampus106fm closed down on August 31, 2017. Between the summers of 2014 and 2017, Meira aired 107 programs and several specials, part of which were Radia.fm member stations productions.

In the aftermath of this agonising farewell, ‘radioart106fm’ is reforming and will reappear soon, starting with a monthly show on Radio Campus Bruxelles in 2018.